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#Just In! Exclusive: How Dangote Refinery Was Funded – The Real Facts.

Those who are in doubt that NNPC funded Dangote Refinery 100% should go and ask Ex Minister of State Petroleum Dr. Ibe Kachikwu who and who got the $ 25 billion contract that he raised alarm on after he returned from vacation. They immediately removed the office of the GMD from his control and later he was forced to resign as the Minister of State for Petroleum.

You want to know who funded the Dangote Refinery, go to the Ministry of Finance and call for Dangote’s file and tell me even if you give a goat in suit the same concession, the same waiver or the same opportunity given to Dangote, tell me if that Goat won’t be the richest being in Africa.

You want to know how the Dangote Refinery was funded, go to Warri Refinery and Kaduna Refinery, find out who was given an exclusive right to lift Low Pour Fuel Oil (LPFO) for a long time. NNPC claimed it was for Dangote Cement Factories. In fact at a time that of Kaduna Refinery was so exclusive to Dangote that no other marketer was loaded. Every other marketer was referred to Port Harcourt Refinery.

You want to know the sponsors of Dangote Refinery, Go to Kogi State and inquire how many trucks of Coal Dangote moves out of Kogi State everyday, minimum of 200 trucks daily without even paying royalty to the State or Federal Government. Are we not aware that Coal can be an alternative to Petroleum and that through coal liquefaction or coal pyrolysis you can derive various Petroleum products such as Diesel, Gasoline (petrol), LPG

and other Petroleum products?

You want to know how Dangote Refinery was funded, go and find out how he petitioned President Goodluck Jonathan as soon as President Yardua died against his competitors in the Cement business like Ibeto, Madewell cement, Bua Cement and others that represented Licensees from the six geopolitical zones. His petition caused the withdrawal of two Licenses from the 6 companies; the Bagged cement and the Bulk cement import licenses leaving them with only the Backward Integration Licence only after he had used the same Federal Government to acquire cement factories even at that he was still importing and others were not allowed. As a matter of fact, the other Licensees lost their fortune as some were still offloading cement at their various jetties when Nigerian customs pounced on them never to bring the Cement into the Country but to ship it back to their countries of origin. This was when the competitors had succeeded to bring down the cost of cement to less than N800 per 50kg bag and Dangote couldn’t compete and wanted to monopolize the cement business at all cost.

You want to know how the Dangote Refinery was funded, go see how he petitioned the Federal Government against the few manufacturers of cement over importation of Clinker which is a major Raw material for cement production the moment he built his Clinker factory at Obajana Kogi State and the Federal Government jacked up the import duty onclinker from 10% to 50% causing those that were managing to compete with him to shutdown their cement factories.

You want to know how Dangote Refinery was financed, go and ask Federal Government how much Dangote realized when they shut the land boarders against every other importer and exporter during Covid 19 lockdown but allowed only Dangote to use the Land boarders.

Finally you want to know how Dangote Refinery is funded? Go and ask the Governor of Kogi State why he had to fall out with Dangote, that for 10 years of Dangote operation globally, Dangote made over 7 trillion Naira out of which over 5 Trillion Naira alone was from his establishments in Kogi State.

You still want to know how Dangote Refinery was funded? Nigerians funded Dangote Refinery without knowing it.


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