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#Just In: IBB Congratulates Tinubu- The President- Elect & Jagaban of Borgu, Niger State. IBB is Rewriting History With This Message Which Is A Good Sign From The Military.

In a statement by his media aide on Wednesday, March 1, 2023, Babangida described Tinubu as the best man for the job, saying he has what it takes to lead the country.

The ex-military leader also expressed confidence that Tinubu would take Nigeria to the next level.

“It’s a thing of joy that this is happening in my lifetime. I can confidently say that Tinubu is a good man for the job, he said.

“I have no doubt that Tinubu would perform as the President of Nigeria. For some of us, who have been there before, I know that there is still more work to be done, and I believe that Tinubu has what it takes to take Nigeria to the next level.

“We have much potential as a nation, what we need is a good direction so that we can continue to be seen as the giant of Africa. Indeed our best is yet to come, but we can get to where we ought to be with determination and commitment.”

Babangida further said “Tinubu is coming from the background of a performer, who loves his people with all his hearts and who knows how to put a round peg in a round hole”.

He, therefore, urged Nigerians to join hands with Tinubu to repair the country.

Babangida also appealed to other candidates to see Tinubu’s emergence as the will of God, adding that “the work of nation building requires that all hands must be on deck”.

“This is a bright moment for Nigeria, we have to take our destiny in our hands and make things work for us as a nation. We cannot continue to do things the same way, and I believe that God will make things work for this country again,” Babangida said.

The retired general believes Tinubu’s presidency is a new dawn for Nigerians.

The National Patriots commend the former Head of State and Elder Statesman General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida for his congratulatory message to Ashiwaju Tinubu, the President- Elect and Jagaban of Borgu.

This message confirms that IBB is a true Patriot and appreciates Tinubu as a symbol for a Renewed Hope in Nigeria. IBB, a retired General has decided to take this step with the mindset of the unity of Nigeria and consolidating the relationship between the North and the SouthWest for power shift and peace in Nigeria.

IBB is alive today to witness the emergence of the Muslim Muslim ticket to make up for all that happened in the past. Yorubas can now forgive him and move forward. It is encouraging to read his congratulatory message to Asiwaju Tinubu as President – Elect. We salute his courage and support.

IBB is a true Patriot and the love of Nigeria is definitely in his heart without doubt.
True Patriots will never hesitate to support the emergence of Tinubu.

Dr. Hameeda
The National Patriots.


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