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#JUST IN: Labour Party Schemes To Win Lagos On Saturday For Obi To Govern As Godfather And Remove Tinubu’s Legacy!

Don’t put him as Gbadebo O. Put him as Patrick G. Chinedu Rhodes – Vivour. An Ibo Man adopting a yoruba name to deceive the electorate. Chinedu as he is fondly called by family and friends is the son of Nkechi and is married to Ifeanyi. He is from Anambra State according to investigations and he is now claiming Lagos state for political reasons. Chinedu is not a politician and not known in Lagos State like 90% of Labour Party Candidates.

He is an opportunist who sees the onslaught of the Obidients in Lagos State as an opportunity to enter politics with the usual mantra for change as an EndSars Product. He is a member of IPOB and confirmed in his tweet that Biafra Day should be honoured. Chinedu has misled and deceived voters in Lagos that he will help them remove the hold of Tinubu on Lagos by voting for him as Governor. He promised so much like Peter Obi- his godfather and states that Yoruba People are gullible and stupid.

The plan according to this NGO’s investigation is to enslave yorubas once he removes Tinubu’s hands from Lagos completely.

Chinedu has the support of the Ibos in Lagos and hates Yorubas with a passion.

We recall that the HoR candidate for the Labour Party in Eti-Osa LG- Ayodele Ademiluyi who won the Primaries was substituted without his consent by Peter Obi for a non Yoruba man called achief who speaks Ibo well. Ayodele is still in Court and the elections were conducted with the illegal candidate who won the seat. Eti- Osa LG is where Tinubu resides and many top APC Leaders and Stakeholders.

Ademiluyi is trying his best to see that justice is done in his matter. Against Injustice, an NGO is pursuing his case witg the relevant authorities.

Patrick G. Chinedu in the meantime is making various plans to oust Sanwo- Olu from Alausa. The Governor has been advised by Lagosians whom we interviewed to reach out and take drastic steps to ensure he doesn’t lose Lagos.

Princess Gloria Adebajo-Fraser MFR a lagosian advised the Governor to put out buses on election day to transport APC voters to their registered place for voting. She lamented that voters registration was low because of the lack of logistics, transportation to enable voters move around. She explained further that during the Pandemic, many voters moved away from where they registered. They may have stopped working there or changed jobs. It is important to arrange logistics for them on Saturday. There are also a few suggestions which must be implemented if Sanwo- Olu wants to win Lagos. “A stitch in time saves nine.” She said. The Governor should not underestimate Labour Party In Lagos. Sanwo- Olu should reach out more to resourceful hands for assistance and ideas.

Another Lagos Indigene said Labour Rigging machine is very effective in Lekki and other parts of Lagos. He said there was a lot of overvoting and rigging by Labour Party In Lagos, so this must be stopped. He explained that the security personnel have a large number of Ibos and were biased in last Saturdays elections. He advised Sanwo to open up hot lines and take this election seriously. Ibos want to take Lagos by hook or by crook. Obi plans to govern Lagos by proxy since he lost the Presidency!

Chinyere, Niyi, Oluwaseyi, Mohammed Bello,
For Headlinenews.


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