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#Just In! Lagos: Setting The Records Straight For The Young Ones!

There was no Lagos state in 1960. What we had was Lagos Federal Capital (former Lagos Colony).

That is the problem when leaders deliberately muddle things up for the young ones.

Lagos Capital of 1960 was Isale Eko, Victorial Island, Ikoyi and part of Apapa.

Ketu, Ojota, Somolu, Bariga, Yaba, Isolo, Ikeja, Alimosho, Ipaja, Ikorodu, Epe, Lekki, Ajah, Badagary, Mushin, Agege were all in Western State.

Lagos states was only created in 1967. And let me tell you the callous intention of what Gowon did in creating Lagos State.

Obafemi Awolowo created industrial estates in Ikeja, Isolo, Iganmu, Ilupeju and co when those places were in Western State.

Gowon simply merged the industrial estates Awolowo created with Lagos Colony to form Lagos State in 1967. Awolowo created those industrial estate with cocoa money.

Lagos State is made up of 5 districts of Ikeja, Badagry, Ikorodu, Lagos (Isale Eko) and Epe. Only one was Lagos Colony of 1914 to 1960. And that is Lagos Island. The remaining 4 districts were in Western Region.

So when those Ibos tell you their usual trash that they made Lagos or that Lagos was a former capital or that Lagos is no-man’s land, please dont join them.

What took my dad to Lagos was the industrial estate Awolowo created, not the federal capital. Same is the story for over 90% of the people in the state today.

This picture was taken on Carther Bridge, the only bridge linking Lagos Colony to Western Region. It was after Ojukwu attempted to blow it up that Awolowo facilitated the building of Eko Bridge in 1975. Awolowo as the finance minister and de-facto number 2 to Gowon revolutionized the infrastructural development of the new Lagos state.

The generation of ungrateful Igbos contributed nothing, absolutely nothing to the development of Lagos. But they are the ones instigating you guys against your own people. Lagos fed them. Amun ni ilu Eko. It never dries, it feeds everybody.

Look around Lagos State today, all you see are the works of Awolowo, Jakande and Tinubu. After God who created Lagos strategically, Awolowo, Jakande and Tinubu made it what it is today. Know this and know peace.


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