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#Just In! Lecturer’s Act of Impunity To Female Students Exposed – (Tony Asekhuno)

By HEADLINENEWS.NEWS correspondent 

Headlinenews.news correspondents filed a report after investigation into the despicable act of a lecturer in a Federal Tertiary institution who has been consistently violating the rights of female students and blackmailing them for sex for grades acts repeatedly.
Students have now taken to the social media to expose this monster with the hope that the authorities shall investigate all allegations and sanction him. It is important that the relevant agencies prosecute this Tony Asekhuno and make a scapegoat of him to serve as a deterrent to other Lecturers. Parents send their daughters to Tertiary institutions to enable them obtain a good education which would secure them a bright future. Unfortunately Tertiary institutions have become a death trap for young innocent but gullible ladies who are negatively influenced and their future ruined by attending the institutions. This level of corruption in our Tertiary institutions must be addressed urgently. These young ladies are leaders of tomorrow in our various economic sectors including political leaders. It is a shame to contaminate them at this level destroying their morale and religious values including good upbringing which their parents painstakingly imbued in them. These lecturers or cradlesnatchers would surely rot in hell fire.
It is up to the government to take the required measures to prevent this ugly trend in Nigerian institutions immediately.

Dr. Hameeda


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