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#Just In: Mathematical Analysis Of Votes Recorded For The Three Candidates For Nigerians.

Let’s Play With Figures This morning!

Bola Tinubu polled 8,794,726 to be declared the winner of the February 25 Presidential Election.

Atiku Abubarka scored a total of 6, 984, 520 votes to come a distant second.

Peter Obi managed to gather 6,101,533 votes to come third.

Bola Tinubu defeated Atiku by a whopping 1, 810,206 votes!

Bola Tinubu disgbangbalized Peter Obi and turned him to a cry cry baby with a total vote difference of 2,693,133.

Bola Tinubu is from The South West and he got a total votes worth 2,279,107 from the Yoruba land.

Did you know that if you remove Bola Tinubu’s total vote of 2,279,107 gotten from Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Osun, Oyo and Ekiti States from his total votes of 8,794,726, Bola Tinubu will still be left with 6,515,619 far higher than Peter Obi’s total votes of 6,101,533.

Funny enough, this cry cry Peter Obi addressed a press conference yesterday claiming to have won the Presidential Election!

How could someone that could not get 25 percent of total votes cast in 25 states of the federation claim to be the winner of this election?

Or Peter Obi’s poor arithmetic skills has once again prevented him from knowing that he only scored 25 percent in just 17 states and would never be good enough for Aso Rock!

If we remove the total votes of 1,362,556 that Bola Tinubu scored in Ekiti, Ondo, Ogun and Oyo State (where he won in the South West) from his total vote from across the federation, he would still have 7,432,170 votes left to beat Atiku’s 6,984,520 and Bola Tinubu would still have 25 percent in 25 states to still be declared the winner of The February 25 Presidential Election!

These Facts should tell every doubting Artikulooter and Obidiot out there that the weeping and crying of their cry cry baby candidates can’t change the shape of the JAGABAN’S Victory!

Bola Tinubu’s Victory clearly shows him as a detribalised Nigerian that scored 25 percent of the total votes in 29 states of the federation.

To this end, I am pleading and begging on my kneels that we should all cast our votes wisely on the 11th of March for Omo Oba Dapo Abiodun CON aka Eleyi of Ogun State for Second term



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