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Just In! NASS Leadership: Rob Peter, Pay Paul By Seyi Omoloye.


While the Southsouth helped Tinubu get the required statutory 25% of 2/3rd of states to win the presidency the Southeast vehemently and openly worked against him, and gave all their votes to Obi who promptly lost to Tinubu.

The jungle has now matured. It’s time to reap where you sowed, and the Southeast, not retrospective over why they are out of the power equation again, are asking Tinubu to reward them with the Senate Presidency at the expense of the well derserving people of Southsouth for what they call “national unity” reasons.

Didn’t they know that there was something called “national unity” before and during the elections? How can you work for Hero Beer and ask MTN to pay your salary? How can you refuse the offer of Unilever shares, go ahead to buy the shares of Next Supermarket, and after Next made a loss, you ask Unilever to deprive their shareholders and pay you their dividends – all because you suddenly remember national unity?

You cry marginalization when nobody ever deprived you of anything you earned in Nigeria, but want to be rewarded with fruits of the labour of the people of Southsouth as if they don’t matter or are non-existent as far as you are concerned?

Look at the facts and tell me who deserves to produce the next Senate President between the Southeast and Southsouth:

1. Southeast gave Tinubu 0/5 of their states.
Southsouth gave him 5/6 of their states

2. Southeast gave Tinubu 6% of their votes.
Southsouth gave him 30% of their votes.

3. The Southeast senators that won their seats selfishly worked for themselves only in the election and neglected Tinubu. Thus they had huge numbers for themselves while Tinubu had almost nothing from their places.
The Southsouth senators that won their seats worked for both themselves and Tinubu. Thus they both had huge numbers from their places.

4. The entire Southeast zone gave Tinubu a paltry 127k votes.
Cross River state alone gave him 130K votes, and as a zone Southsouth gave him 800K votes.

5. The trend of APC’s votes in the Southeast is falling in every election since 2015.
APC’s votes in the Southsouth has been rising in every election since 2015.

6. Southeast has not forgiven APC for the loss of the presidency by their “son” Jonathan when they defeated their beloved PDP in 2015.
The Southsouth have moved on, forgotten about 2015, and are embracing APC. Their body language suggests that they don’t want to be in opposition anymore.

7. According to the present trends, with the Senate Presidency, the Southeast will still NEVER vote for APC in the future. Their hatred for the party is too deep.
According to the present trends, with the Senate President, the Southsouth have a chance of becoming APC stronghold in the near future.

If politics remain a game of numbers, why should APC deprive the Southsouth zone which is becoming a fertile land for them of the Senate Presidency in order to placate the Southeast which is determined to remain a political desert?


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