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#Just In: National Patriots Celebrate Adeboye At 81.

The National Patriots Founder Princess Gloria Adebajo-Fraser MFR sent a congratulatory message to the RCCG General Overseer on his 81st Birthday today. She prayed for God Almighty to grant him a long healthy life to guide and lead Nigerians in God’s ways as a true man of God. She stated that Adeboye’s role has not been limited to spiritual rebirth for Christians, but moral and value orientation for Nigerians in general- Christians & Muslims.

He has always maintained a peaceloving position in face of adversity and never strayed into the realm of controversies based on his ability to relate with God and follow Gods guidance rather than man’s ambition, intention. He must be recognised , celebrated and honoured.

For this reason, the National Patriots hereby confer on Adeboye the well deserved status of a true Patriot in Nigeria.

Adeboye is a true Elder and a role model for Nigerians.

The G.O’s humility is highly commendable despite being a reverred gifted man of God.
We thereby appeal to him to pray for peace & unity in Nigeria so that all forces operating against what God has destined for Nigeria can be disarmed and neutralised. Nigeria deserves the opportunity to move forward under the new incoming administration which God made possible.

For, even a leaf does not fall from the branch of a tree without God’s consent, knowledge and Will. God Almighty remains the omnipotent, omniscient & omnipresent. Anyone opposing what God has made possible is working against the Will of God Almighty and will never succeed. God is in control of Nigeria’s destiny.

The National Patriots therefore urges the General Overseer on this occasion of his birthday, to educate and enlighten the Christian congregation/ Community as Patriots to embrace peace and allow God to take control of Nigeria’s destiny, not allowing themselves to be used as agents of destruction which is against the ethos of Christianity and which may consume them.

Congratulations once again on your birthday, May God Almighty continue to grant you the wisdom, courage, good health, long life, presence of mind to guide all Nigerians to a peaceful promised land as a Patriot & father to all. Amen.

Princess Gloria Adebajo-Fraser MFR. And
Dr. Hameeda
Alh. Abdullahi Bello.

The National Patriot.


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