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#Just in! NIGER: Update from Niamey Today


Briefly about Niger. 08/07/2023

1. The military leadership of Niger called on the citizens of the country to be ready to repel external aggression. The armed forces and other law enforcement agencies have been put on alert. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the Niger army, despite the fact that it was trained by France and the United States, is relatively weak, especially against the backdrop of Nigeria.

2. According to the statement, one unnamed country is about to commit military aggression against Niger in the near future. Probably we are talking about the ECOWAS country, behind which France will stand. For example, Senegal. It is worth noting that the full deployment of ECOWAS troops for the invasion of Niger has not yet been completed. The US says it will take time.

3. The military will not succumb to threats and blackmail ready to fight the aggressor, promising him massacre and chaos. It is understood that they will arm civilians and wage a guerrilla war.

4. Yesterday an official demand was issued for France to get out of Niger within 30 days. France had previously refused to leave, to act as a typical colonialist.

5. The airspace over Niger has been closed since the night of August 7th. The official ban is in effect until further notice. However, Niger’s aviation and air defense are very weak – it needs the supply of MANPADS and loitering ammunition.

6. The Parliament of Nigeria just now did not support the President of the country with his plans of aggression, calling for negotiations. Nevertheless, the President of Nigeria did not completely abandon the plans of aggression.

7. Algeria has explicitly stated that an intervention in Niger would be a direct threat to its interests. Chad has officially abandoned the invasion. Whether Algeria will support Niger only with the supply of weapons or directly, the Algerian authorities do not specify, while maintaining freedom of maneuver. Algeria has forces to directly support Niger.

8. Mali and Burkina Faso are ready to support Niger by military means. Guinea will limit itself to diplomatic support. Clashes between the Malian military and militants controlled by the West have intensified on the border between Niger and Mali.

9. The US and NATO grouping on the territory of Niger reaches 2.8-3.1 thousand people. The United States verbally evades participation in the intervention, in contrast to the French, who directly continue to threaten the authorities in Niamey with an attack.

10. There is still no direct evidence of the presence of Wagner PMC forces in Niger or the signing of an official contract by the Niger authorities with Prigozhin. As they liked to say during the battle for Artemovsk, “When it happens, then you will be informed.”

We continue to monitor events that could set fire to part of the African continent. Strategic uranium reserves are at stake.

Imaran khazaly




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