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#Just In: Nigeria Utilises Electronic Accreditation of Voters NOT Electronic Voting. Mischief Makers Beware! (Opinion)

Human Toba (Convener BBCNN).

Stop Mischief Making

Nigeria had electronic accreditation of voters not electronic voting. This Mike is describing what just happened as if we had electronic voting which is completely false. Electronic accreditation isn’t electronic voting, that’s what is important. From what I witnessed in the just concluded election, we had BIVAS accreditation, manual voting and manual collation of results. Therefore, our elections are still manually collated. The authenticity of an election result should be disputed based on the signed manually collated results sheets and not from anything else. INEC is supposed to upload the result sheets signed by agents at polling units across the country and that should be done after the election.

Result sheets signed by party agents are the authentic documents for this election.

The question is, which agent of what party doctored the result sheets signed by agents and at what point was this done across the nation?

In my polling unit, the Labour Party agent took charge of everything and followed the process through to the ward and state collation Centre, so who doctored her result sheet?

I am willing to be a witness in this tribunal matter, enough is enough of deliberately misleading people to unleash mayhem on the innocent.

As for the use of and for the capital territory, its two ways in English etymologg of word usage, and could mean Abuja being part of the 24 not necessarily that Abuja must be won by a candidate before being declared winner.

Mike and his cohorts are deliberately spinning a false narrative to set the nation on fire for their selfish inrests of making money out of ignorant politicians. Nobody’s personal interest is greater than the Nigerian national interest, enough is enough of provocative and false narratives concerning this election.

The people promoting violence we’re the Labour Party people not APC members. I have more to say but not for now. If you know you have a stranger opponent in a contest you want to win, you can orchestrate violence to hang credibility issues on your opponent. Asiwaju won the election fair and square, it should be allowed to stay. Credibility isn’t the problem it’s ethnicities and religious bigotry that’s affecting, plus mischief making.

Human Toba (Convener BBCNN).


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