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#Just In: Obi Won Elections But Lost Victory. Obi Did Not And Could Not Have Won Elections. Obi To Prove It In Court Or Face Disgrace. Tinubu Won By Figures & Spread. ( Two Posts) Negative & Positive Special.

Tell anyone this: Peter Obi won the election. INEC rigged it by refusing to upload results from 176,849-240 = 176,606 PUs immediately after the counting of votes. The election was rigged at the ward collection center where about 9,000 wards collection officers had to upload the result that 176,606 polling officers would have uploaded. This requires days. in a hurry INEC started cut and paste. That’s is why you see 2019 election results from Daura for Atiku and Buhari the same result for Tinubu and Atiku. That is why Gombe has the same results as Bauchi. The mess is too much.

INEC has to contrive a separate WhatsApp platform to collect results outside the IREV. The authentic polling unit results are coming in now gradually and criminal INEC wants the court to help it to reconfigure the BIVAS to do Governorship election. The court should not ever listen to INEC. If INEC did not rig the election, and allowed the 176 606 polling officers to upload results from the 176,706 PUs by now the results would all be in on the portal. But to rig it allowed 9,000 person to cut and past results that 176,606 should have done. That explains the delay.

INEC should be made to face the music. Definitely election cannot hold on saturday because the BIVAS has not exhausted it’s postings.

You cannot configure it to hide evidence

Per Dr. Sam Amadi

Obi did not win any Presidential election, the votes were shared between himself and Atiku, but the greed of Obi The results of affected him or he would have been with Atiku and won elections. the National Assembly elections confirms this fact. Obi did not have the spread required to emerge the winner. Why do people reason like this? This Dr. Amadi who wrote this article The results were a true reflection of the will of the people. The fact that Bauchi and Gombe results were identical might have been a technicality in the Collation, but PDP won both states so any error could have been negligible. No reason for concern in this respect.
Inec has accepted a few technical issues and we appreciate it. It’s the first time Nigeria is using the BVAS system and the system has recorded the same technical issues in other countries. There is no conspiracy with Inec and APC as is being alleged. Nigerians love conspiracy theories- especially losers! Obi never ever won the elections and he should proceed to court to prove it. LP and PDP rigged the elections massively and brought in Hackers to undermine the integrity of the Inec server, but failed woefully. The fact that Inec didn’t transmit the results immediately made them unable to hack into the system. Their Hackers have been arrested and have confessed. APC has a lot of evidence at hand now and the Court hearing will be very interesting. Obi’s balloon will be deflated, because he rigged the Presidential elections in Lagos, which is why LP didn’t win any National Assembly slots for a party that claims it won an election!!!!!! Obi is a scammer and what happens to scammers will happen to him. APC is filing a cross petition with incontrovertible evidence of LP Rigging in Lagos, SouthEast. He who laughs last laughs best. Peter Obi may be the first Nigerian to go to jail for Electoral malpractice. As a matter of fact, he is supposed to have been disqualified for violating the electoral act.

Dr. Hameeda.

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