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#Just In: Obi’s Claim Of Victory In Lagos Is Manipulated, Evidence To Be Presented In Court.

Everywhere the four leading candidates won they did with either all the three Senate seats or atleast one as a proof of actual voting and popularity.

How Pita LieNus China Obi will win Tinubu in Lagos yet could not win even one Senate seat is the sixth wonder in electioneering study.

It’s no news that the Obasanjo, Pa Adebanjo, Bode George axis has done everything on and off book to wrest Lagos from Tinubu yet for whatever reason they couldn’t.

Looking at the Endsars, the Ipob ESN involvement and ancestral lineage of most of this high profile anti-Tinubu elements one can safely say the so called victory of Obi over Tinubu in Lagos rases many questions that will attract attention and curiosity of the Supreme Court Justices.

We know the game or card that was played, Tinubu knows it that’s why was never defeated by this men but they cashed on Tinubu’s “absence from home” to perpetrate voting harakiri and Sanwo-Olu had no answer.

So it wasn’t by voters strength that Obi won but from high-tech manipulation that will soon be exposed.

Hence Obasanjo will rather die than have Tinubu sworn in as next president and that’s what would happen if he does not step back

Some 15yrs ago, a woman I worked for as musician in her garden at zone4 told me OBJ will end up in jail.

I almost fell out with her because then I was a fan of OBJ when he was in power, he gives out comic reliefs every now and then.

If am in Obi’s inner circle I will call and congratulate Tinubu and lay sound future foundation himself and others from SE.

But if chooses to fight it, honestly he will be rubbished because he too can not confidently say how those huge victories came about and when it’s start to unfold Obi will have no face again.

Jonathan is regarded today because one thing and one thing alone.

That Call he made to Buhari… Even when counting was barely 50%

Underestimate Tinubu at your own peril.

Peter Obi should just walk out with his shoulder high having cashed out and leave this people to continue to fight dirty because what I imagine is coming up even Supreme Court may not be the final answer or solution.

They manipulated that election in their favor not Obi’s favor, Obi was just the vehicle and still they couldn’t manipulate across the country.

Like the ’66 coup, they handle their end well while those detailed to handle other areas failed.

And you can be sure there will be “counter coup” if this man Tinubu is sworn in.

A lot is still coming up better for Obi as my brother to just walk away with pride and fame he’s gotten and not get involved in what will obliterate all that.

Peter Gregory Obi didn’t win Lagos or even score as much votes if he did well.

A lot happened offbook


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