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#Just In! Obsequies: First Professor of Geology In Africa, Oyawoye from Ikirun, Osun State Joins Ancestors After an Exemplary Life Of Outstanding Achievements, National Honors.


The late Iconic Legend, First professor of Geology in Africa and Nigeria, Prof Mosobalaje Olaloye Oyawoye (FAS, FNMGS, FNAPE, FGSA, OON, CON, DSc. Hon (Unibadan), DSc. Hon. (Durham).

The state of legendary of an incredibly powerful Crown Prince (Aremo) of Offa, the grandson of Olofa of Offa, Oba Atoloye Adegboye, the Alade meta (a prince of Offa, Ila Orangun and Ikirun), the father of Geology in Africa, Commander of the Order of Niger (CON) and one of the best brains on the planet earth lineage traced to Ikirun.


The Grandfather of Late Prof. Mosobalaje Oyawoye, Ọba Atoloye Adegboye is the 14th/16th Oloffa of Offa who ruled between 1882-1886 and later from 1902-1906.

A descendant of Oranmiyan through Olalomi who led fight from Ọffa as Ọba to Iddo Osun in 1886 using Ikirun warlords as backup with the support of the then Akinrun, Oba Akadiri.

Many Ọffa warlords thereafter the war stayed in Ikirun to dwell among other powerful settlers in the town.

Between 1886 and 1902, with huge hospitality and support given to Ọba Atoloye, remnant people in Offa decided to crown Ọba Arokansorisa Otaogbaiye as the 15th Oloffa with the hope that he (Atoloye) would stay in Ikirun after Ido-Osun war, even if Ido-Osun fight is concluded while Oɓa Otaogbaiye reigned for 16years.

As a crowned Ọba, despite the support given to Atoloye by Akinrun, the entire Ikirun Indigene and warlords, Ọba Atoloye returned to Ọffa in 1902 and reigned till 1906 while some of his descendants and people stay back in Ikirun.

Till date some compounds in Ikirun are still reckoning with the people of Offa as descendant through panegyric and chanting.

Professor Mosobalaje Jamiu Oyawoye died on Monday 22nd of May, 2023 at the age of 96.

May Almighty Allah overlook his shortcoming.

Reports: Agunbevoice


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