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#Just In! Open Letter To Labour Party Candidate Patrick Chinedu Rhodes- Vivour.

Gbadebo P Rhodes-Vivour

How are you bro? I wish you read my letter in good faith and digest it accordingly.

Before I start, let me say these..

.”The judge asked the killer of former Egyptian President, Anwar Sadat, “Why did you kill Sadat?”

He said to him, “Because he is secular!”

The judge replied: “What does secular mean?”

The killer said: “I don’t know!”

In the case of the attempted assassination of the late Egyptian writer, Naguib Mahfouz, the judge asked the man who stabbed Naguib Mahfouz, “Why did you stab him?”

The terrorist said: “Because of his novel – The children of our neighborhood.”

The judge asked him: “Have you read this novel?”

The criminal said: “No!”

Another judge asked the terrorist who killed the Egyptian writer ‘Faraj Fara’: “Why did you murder Faraj Fouda?”

The terrorist replied: “Because he is unfaithful!”

The judge asked him: “How did you know he was unfaithful?”

The terrorist replied: “According to the books he wrote.”

The judge said: “In which of his books did you know he is unfaithful?”

The Terrorist: “I haven’t read his books!”

Judge: “How?”

The terrorist replied: “I can’t read or write!”

Hate never spreads through knowledge. It always spreads through ignorance. This is how societies pay the price of ignorance.

Ignorance is the reason we hate others based on what we heard about them (In most cases without evidence) not what we know.

Please don’t hate anyone because of what they told you about him or her.

Remember someone’s enemy can be your own helper.
Stay uncaged”

I would have compared you to the culprits in the stories above but you are educated! But I want to liken you to the culprits.

Bro, you are really getting lots of things wrong as related to the stands of most of the reasonable Lagosians who refused to support your gubernatorial interest. See, it’s not about your age which you think you can flaunt, it’s not about your education which is not even inviting! It’s not about your tribe or even because you are married to an Igbo woman or because your mother is Igbo or the noise you are making around! Get the point straight! We love igbos and we appreciate them! But what we don’t and won’t appreciate is the IPOB terrorist you align with!

I know you must be too young to decipher this story but let me tell you this; during the time of Raji Fashola their was a slogan then “kosi Koro kosi ibo” meaning No Koro No votes! Koro even aligned with the igbos then telling them and promising them Yoruba chieftaincy titles. Ask your elders to tell you the story! Where is Koro now? Infact, Gbadebo, if I am to tell you the truth, the noise and agitation was much than these!

Their is a Yoruba adage that’s says “bi Ile kan ba ntoro, Omo ale ibe ni ko iti daagba” I know you can’t read Yoruba but let me translate that to you! If their is peace in a particular home, the bastard in that home isn’t grown yet”

Bro, I was at Lekki Tollgate (you can check my various platforms to see my article and side of the Lekki story) I am one of the people who can say categorically your role in the destruction done to the Lagos state indigenous people’s properties; interns of the social amenities. So I wonder, are you really the Original Rhodes? I bet you to take a DNA test to confirm if you are related to the Rhodes cos it’s only a bastard that behaves like that!

Elliott, the Nollywood start didn’t bring outsiders to destroy his father’s house? Your alignment with the iPOB terrorist is what we are against not your tribal relationships!

I did a thorough scoop about your post on social medias and I noticed you even supported the IPOB Anambra boy who set 83 BRT buses ablaze cos of fake Lekki massacre? I wonder if it’s possible that a real and bonafide son of the soil would support that!

Gbadebo, I looked back at the experience and interactions I had with you on October 20 2020, and I noticed the logistics you provided for your IPOB terrorist to born down Lagos state, your own acclaimed father’s land?

You ganged up with people from your mother’s side to destroy your father’s land? Then I sincerely need a DNA test from you and I bet it with you, you are not Rhodes! Looking at the pictorial evidence of you and the family, I saw no resemblance and pls let’s ask your mum where you came from!

A fake massacre that people could not come out to testify of their families or any members of their families dying at the venue? Bro, you should even cover your face in shame!

Gbadebo, I was at Lekki Tollgate till 10pm, it was when your group started burning down the Tollgate that I had to leave! But what I later saw in the news the following morning made me believe that Gbadebo was one of the people who planned a mini Biafra war in the house of his father. What kind of a child are you?

You can’t rise up against your father’s house and not fall down! Have you forgotten that Absalom stood up against the house of David and he fell? On Saturday; you will fall down flat and I will be here or make a mockery of you!

Bro, I saw some post of your wife, no doubt, she is beautiful but are you sure she is alright? An African supporting gay rights? In the land of the wakanda?

Lagos is a land of so many opportunities but not a land that condone rubbish!

We the real Indigenes of Lagos say no to Gbadebo Rhodes Vivor and we will vote you out!

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