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#Just In! Opinion: May Evil History Not Repeat Itself In Nigeria – Reno Omokri.

In Christianity, the most respected Nigerian is Pastor Adeboye. You may not like that that is the fact, but it is true. So respected is he that he was called ‘Daddy Adeboye’ by a British Prime Minister (David Cameron). In Islam, the most revered living Nigerian is Sarkin Musulumi, His Eminence, Muhammadu Sa’ad Abubakar, Sultan of Sokoto. So revered is he that Nigerian Presidents even bow to him. In academics, the most respected Nigerian national is Professor Wole Soyinka. The first Black African to have won a Nobel Prize in an academic category. So honoured is he that a former US President (Jimmy Carter) personally took his Green Card to him without him even applying for one.

Each of these three national icons has been insulted publicly and carelessly by Obidients.

Sadly, their leader is afraid of publicly calling them to order. And instead prefers to go privately to see people they insult to say one thing in private and then another in public.

I have written exchanges with Peter Obi, in which he told me that the people insulting me were not Obidients; but All Progressives Congress supporters pretending to be Obidients. How he felt I would be foolish enough to believe that beats my imagination.

These guys should note that those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.

After January 15, 1966, the Ifeajuna-Nzeogwu coup, there was a NATIONWIDE celebration. Including in the North. Yes. Including in the North. I am a historian of note. I have video evidence of that. And there are people alive in the North who remember those celebrations.

However, soon after the coup, some of our brothers started printing almanacs with caricatures insulting prominent Northern, Western and Mid-Western leaders.

In one of the almanacs, Chukwuma Nzeogwu was shown with his leg on top of Sir Ahmadu Bello’s head. Interestingly, in that almanac, Ahmadu Bello’s head was put on the body of a goat, just as Obidients have done to many other prominent Nigerians held in high esteem by their followers. They have also done the same to me.

Those almanacs outraged Northerners and made them turn against the Aguiyi Ironsi-led military government. The almanacs themselves forced Major General Ironsi to promulgate Decree 44 of 1966. Let me quote from that decree:

“A decree to prohibit and create offence for publishing, display or offer to the public of any pictorial representation of any person living or dead in a manner likely to provoke.”

But that was not the end.

Sometime in February of 1966, a famous Igbo highlife maestro named Celestine Ukwu released a song titled Ewu Ne Ba Akwa, meaning ‘the goat is crying’.

Rightly or wrongly, other Nigerians believed that that song was mocking the killing of the late Sardauna by Nzeogwu. That song and the almanac mocking the Sardauna ignited a series of unfortunate events that no one wants to repeat.

Today, you Obidients have forgotten history and are again making offensive images, songs, skits, and remarks against Pastor Adeboye, who has millions of loyal followers in Nigeria, and against other religious, political and social figures and their supporters. Sadly, you guys prove that the only lesson you have learnt from history is that you have learnt no lesson from history.

Thank you again, and may God bless you all. You may now insult me.


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