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#Just In! Pa Fasoranti @ 97: President- Elect Asiwaju Tinubu, National Patriots Celebrate Afenifere Leader Reuben Fasoranti’s 97 Yrs Anniversary With Encomiums.

President-elect Tinubu pours encomiums on Afenifere Leader Reuben Fasoranti at 97, describes pan-Yoruba sociopolitical group leader “a light unto our paths”

President-elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has heaped praises on Nigerian nationalist and leader of pan-Yoruba sociopolitical organisation Afenifere, Chief Reuben Fasoranti, on his 97th birthday for his commitment to the ideals of good governance in Nigeria and unwavering dedication to progressive politics.

Asiwaju Tinubu in a statement from his office signed by Tunde Rahman praised Pa Fasoranti who turns 97 on Thursday May 11 for his exemplary life of courage and public service as a Teacher, School Principal, Local Government Chairman, Administrator, Commissioner for Finance and astute politician.

The President-elect recalled the various roles Pa Fasoranti played in progressive politics in Nigeria and the South-west in particular from his student days at the University College, Ibadan where he was an active member of Action Group and one of the trusted allies of late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Premier of the Western Region, and Chief Adekunle Ajasin, first civilian governor of old Ondo State.

According to the President-elect, Pa Fasoranti established his lasting legacy in the educational sector where he made invaluable impacts on many of his former students and generations of students at Iju-Itaogbolu Grammar School where he was the founding Principal, Iwo Baptist High School, Olivet Baptist School, Oyo and Christ School Ado-Ekiti where he retired as a Principal.

As an astute School administrator, Pa Fasoranti after retirement founded a private school with his wife, Omolere Nursery and Primary School and Akure High School that changed the landscape of private primary and secondary education in Ondo State.

While highlighting the public service records of the venerable statesman, Asiwaju Tinubu described the Afenifere leader as “a light unto our paths” and a worthy example for all to emulate, adding that Pa Fasoranti lived a value-guided life in public office as Commissioner for Finance in old Ondo State under the leadership of Chief Adekunle Ajasin and creditably discharged his duties as leader of Afenifere.

Tinubu also praised Pa Fasoranti’s ecumenical spirit as a great man of faith with uncommon grace and fortitude to bear pain and live with personal tragedies without harbouring any bitterness and hate towards God and man.

“On this special day that our father, Chief Reuben Fasoranti turns 97, we have nothing but gratitude to God for granting him long life and presence of mind.

“All of us in the progressive fold are inspired by the long years of unflinching dedication to public good by Baba. We are motivated to follow his examples because Baba Fasoranti is a light unto our paths.

“I particularly thank Baba for his support for me, his guidance and encouragement during the campaigns for the presidency of Nigeria. He gave me confidence and demonstrated total support. When I visited him in Akure after I won my party’s ticket, I told him to still stay long enough with us to see a great Nigeria that his generation worked hard and fought for. I made a pledge to Baba and all Nigerians that I will work day and night to fulfill the promise of a greater country.

“I remain resolutely committed to that promise, even as I’m delighted that Baba is still very much around with us.

“I join the children, entire family, friends, associates and Afenifere men and women to wish Baba a glorious 97th birthday.”

Office of President-elect
Tunde Rahman
May 11, 2023.


National Patriots

The National Patriots sent a congratulatory message to the Afenifere Leader Pa Reuben Fasoranti on his 97th Birthday. The Founder of the National Patriots, Princess Gloria Adebajo-Fraser MFR commended Pa Fasoranti whom she described as the ‘Primus Inter Pares’ and ‘Shining Beacon’ amongst the Yoruba Elders in SouthWest Nigeria.

Adebajo-Fraser referred to a Yoruba adage which stated that an Elder can not be in the market place and ignore a situation where a child’s head is badly positioned behind the mother’s back as the Elder is expected to correct such an anomaly. PA Fasoranti has proved himself beyond reasonable doubt of possessing the sterling qualities expected of an Elder Statesman with cognate Yoruba Cultural orientation. Pa Fasoranti is a pride & role model for the SouthWest and we must celebrate his 97 productive years on earth while praying to the Almighty God for more healthy years to enable Fasoranti lead us further with such impressive unifying love and dedication towards the progress and unity of the Yoruba race at a time like this. Amen.

According to Adebajo-Fraser, Pa Fasoranti is a true Patriot in every sense of the word and is being conferred with an Award for recognition at the occasion of his 97th birthday anniversary.

It is worthy to note that the Yoruba race is the largest homogenous race in Nigeria and an integral part of the Nigerian nation working steadily & peacefully for the progress of the Nigerian Nation as Patriots. Pa Reuben Fasoranti is therefore a symbol of this ethos and deserves the respect, admiration of all Yorubas now and always.

Furthermore, Fasoranti’s decision to endorse & support Asiwaju Bola Tinubu for 2023 President as a Yoruba son, amidst dissenting opinion by other Yoruba Elders is courageous, bold and makes him an Elder who will never compromise the progress of a Yoruba person for any other tribe. A true Afenifere Leader.

This has endeared him even more to all Yorubas at home and abroad as a true Yoruba Elder & Leader they can trust. Ohaneze supported their son too. The Afenifere & all Yoruba Elders must unite for the best interest of the Yoruba race soonest and give quantifiable sincere support to the new government of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu by God’s grace.

Princess Gloria Adebajo-Fraser MFR.
The National Patriots.

Nigerians React:

Well said! I agree with the Princess, Fasoranti proved he is a true yoruba leader and we all love him more. We are all praying for God to spare his life so he can see a Yoruba President rule Nigeria for the first time! For me, Obasanjo was not a yoruba President as we all know he is half Ibo and he helped his father’s people more when he was President. This is the first time we will have a true 100% yoruba President so we thank God for giving us Tinubu. Now, all these Afenifere and Afenifebi must unite and come together to work for Tinubu’s success unless they are bastards.
I like your message to Fasoranti. Nice one. You too are the type of women we need to project as daughters of Yoruba who deserve recognition. I always read your contributions to the National Patriots on different topics. Keep it up. May God reward you. Amen.

Deacon Jeremiah Olabisi. Ogun State.

* Asiwaju is a good man. You appreciate good in people. May Fasoranti live long enough to see your renewed hope for Nigeria and be happy he supported you. Please don’t forget and abandon him. He too should be in good care. We need him and his good advice please. You too need him O.

Folake Adeyemi, Ekiti. Fashion Designer.

* I want to thank Princess Gloria of National Patriots for giving Pa Fasoranti an award. He deserves it and God will honour you too as you honour this man. Pa is very humble, he doesn’t look for anything anymore, but your award will make him very happy because your organisation National Patriots is not a yeye organisation. It has class and you recognise only good qualified people. I have followed it. You also made some good points in your message. May God continue to grant you more wisdom. I hope these Elders will take your advice. God bless you.

Tajudeen Olaiwola, Lecturer, Ondo.

* Today, all those Yoruba Elders who worked against Tinubu have been put to shame by God only. Imagine their situation today! My advice is for Tinubu to show magnanimity and forgive them as a true Muslim. Reconcile with them and put those they supported to shame. All those who plan to divide the yoruba race will fail in shaa Allah. Tinubu should not trust them or bring then close to him, but he should let it be on record that he has reconciled with those Yoruba Elders that worked against him. That’s political maturity and strategy. They will try to please him after that. God will make them to see the mistake they made!

Ahmed Bello, Banker, Lagos.

* I just want to say all yorubas should pray for Pa Fasoranti to live longer to lead us to the promised land. We have no leader or Elder like him again. He is the only Elder that stands for the truth. The others do not have the qualities we need in Elders. They are not fair at all. How can they leave our Yoruba son to support an Ibo bastard? How? How can they commit such a sin? If I had my way, the Afenifere must discipline them so they never try it again. Iwuanyanwu now head of Ohaneze calling us Yoruba rascals? Imagine. Then our own Elders were blinded to support an Ibo man? Our Elders are stupid. I will abuse them even against our culture because they don’t deserve any respect.

I am sure they are not 100% yorubas. Tinubu is a good man, they will go and beg him soon and give one lame excuse and he will accept but I trust that he will just pretend with them, he will never trust them ever and ever. They will betray him.
Awon Olote agbalagba.

Madam Princess, thank you. May God continue to give you more and more wisdom. Amen. We need people like you who can talk and people respect you. Continue abeg. Let them hear.

Alhaja Sikirat, Businesswoman, Lagos.

* I hope Nigerians are aware of Ayo Adebanjo’s antecedents and the fact that his mother is Ibo. Ayo Adebanjo is only 50% yoruba, so his loyalty to the Yoruba cause is questionable. The man is senile, confused and the Ibos are putting him under pressure with their Zionist agenda. I thank God for giving Tinubu the anointment to overcome all their sabotage, mudslinging etc.

Obasanjo’s father was the traditional Ruler in Onitsha. Its an open secret. Prince Ajibola’s father of blessed memory was on the throne then and the matter of Obasanjo’s policeman father abandoning his mistress with two children after his transfer to Onitsha was taken to him for intervention. It was decided that Obasanjo’s mother should keep the children and the Ibo police officer to send money for their upkeep. Obasanjo can’t be expected to support the yorubas. There is a lot more to that story. Yorubas should never expect anything from these leaders who are not full yorubas. They are traitors and saboteurs, not Elders!

Ifamosu Olanrewaju Oke. Abeokuta. Ifa worshipper.


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