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#Just In: Real Facts About The Reasons Why Products Have Tripled In Cost From 2015 To 2023.- The National Patriots.

On 25th February 2023, while casting your vote , have the following in mind:

*Nigeria* *Nigeria*

*2015 2023



#197 #740



#87 #300/450



#50 #550



#155 #900


*Cooking Gas*

#180 #850


*Hajj fee*

#700,000 #3million



#8,000 #43,000




#170,000 #700,000




#370,000 #1.5million


*Sewing machine*

#45,000 #300,000


*Ext. Debt*

9.7b dollars 98.6b dollars


*Bag of Cement*

#1700 #4,700


*Unemployment rate*

11% 43%


*Inflation rate*

7% 90%


*Poor Nigerians*

45million 130million



5.5% Recession Twice

*Vote wisely, come next Saturday….February 25th and March 11, 2023.*

Selling your PVC at N20,000, amount suffering for the next 8 years.

We are now in between the Devil and Deep Red Sea.

Vote your conscience and not your hunger now, because your future and family’s future is in your hand 🤚.

Nigerians Reacts

Some people mischievously forward posts that in 2015, certain items cost lower figures, this is correct, and that in 2023 the costs have increased dramatically, which is correct too.

Unfortunately, due to their evil intention to mislead the electorate and give an impression that the APC progressive government was responsible for the inflation experienced in the Country, we find it absolutely necessary to correct this assertion so that voters would not be misled by these charlatans whose intentions is to manipulate information and confuse voters.

The National Patriots find it despicable that political opponents could stoop to this level and take advantage of the low literacy level and other demographic factors to mislead the undecided Voters.

For this reason, the National Patriots thereby advises Nigerian Voters to ignore these figures being posted all over the social media for the following simple reasons:

2015 to 2023 witnessed some of the most traumatic and challenging periods for all Nations of the World.

2015 to 2023 witnessed the Covid19 Pandemic and Lockdown which has never ever been witnessed……….

Prof Akinwumi Adewale (Lecturer)

National Patriots

God’s grace .


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