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#Just In: Religion Is Playing Out In Kaduna As Christians Are Pitching Against Muslims, APC Muslims Against PDP Muslims. This Must Not Be Allowed To Stand. Religious Sentiments Must Be Discouraged In Nigeria.

Seems the ghost of Yakowa is coming back to Kaduna in the form of PDP’s Ashiru. The Christians in Kaduna are urging all their brothers to vote only for PDP in the Gubernatorial election of Feb 11th with the hope that Muslims will divide their votes between APC and PDP as happened some decades ago when 3 Muslim candidates couldn’t agree among themselves to step down for one of them thereby splitting their votes and enabling Rev. Bako, a Christian, to become the Chairman of Kaduna Local Government for the first time ever. We now know that the only way a Christian can become Governor in Kaduna State – thanks to elrufai – is if the Muslims allow their votes to be divided among more than one Muslim candidate. So let’s unite behind the APC’s Muslim-Muslim candidates on Feb 11th election. If we make the mistake of voting for PDP’s Ashiru we would be handing over the victory top a Muslim-Christian ticket. Another danger in that is that Ashiru is a weak person compared to his proposed deputy who is said to be more intelligent. The fear is that should PDP win, Ashiru would be eliminated paving way for his Christian Deputy to take over as Governor of Kaduna State the same way Yakowa became Governor hence the reference to Yakowa”s ghost. So we should avoid splitting the Muslims’ vote by voting only for APC in the Feb 11th election. If you agree with this view please share with friends to make it viral among the Muslim voters. Thnx


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