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#Just In: Special Prayer For Tinubu – President – Elect by Prince Eyi Owunawi Omoluabi.

Yah Allah, we rely and put our hopes only in you. Yah Allah, You have chosen this man for us. Grant him good health. Bless him with more wisdom. Support him with good advisers. Surround him with wise assistants. Break the wings of anyone intending to perpetrate evils in his administration. Grant him overwhelming success. Plant the love of the masses in his heart. Strengthen him with Eeman and make him the turning point in the history of our nation. Yah Allah, You’re The Lord of the lords, You grant power to whomever You wish. You give wealth to whomever You wish. You are The Most High, The Most Powerful, The Lord of the worlds and give him listening hear for the masse’s and make all things possible for him together with his entire cabinet.

AMIN Prince Eyi Owu awi Omoluabi first.



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