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#Just In! The History Of Igbos In Cameroon, South Africa By Bolaji Adebisi

The History of Igbos’ in Southern Cameroon and South Africa.
by Bolaji Adebisi

When the Nigerian migrants to South Africa were professionals and intellectuals, they were welcomed and respected….. then the ‘I go trade’ village rascals showed up with the toxic they take with them wherever they go and the story changed….

The major reservations of natives in South Africa is Igbos….

Others are only guilty by association because of the generic view that they are all foreigners….

While other cultures celebrate acts of kindness to each other, The Igbo community celebrate the quest for wealth by any means necessary.

If you climb the ladder in Igbo land, you are celebrated, when our fathers tell us to remember the son of whom we are.. theirs told them to make wealth by any means necessary….

Lots of stories abound in history…..

The first Igbo scammer was Nwafor Orizu….. he did not care that he was of noble birth ( son of Eze Ugbonyamba)… he scammed his people by opening a fake travel agency to prey on parents who wanted to send their kids to schools in the United States for further studies.

He took the scam to the United States and got a pan African who was in the struggle for African independence by the name Horace Bond who was the President of Lincoln University to award scholarship to Igbos….

He did not tell his people about it and still charged them the full amount , many of them left for the university and were stranded when he failed to send the balance of the fees….

The president of Lincoln was totally disappointed that any sane person would exploit his people and leave them stranded like Orizu did.

His scam was to the tune of £30,000 pounds.

A big amount at the time.

In 1953, he was jailed for 7 years…

Zik and NCNC went on a campaign against the British and insisted he must be released… shortly after his release, Zik singlehandedly nominated him to represent Igbos in the federal legislature and he would emerge to be the first senate president.

Our first senate president was a convicted Igbo felon that scammed his people and was rewarded with a position to represent them…..

If you don’t find this twisted….

Then ‘you are a worse than him’

Of recent, a woman by the name ‘Amaka Anajemba´ was a part of the crime syndicate that defrauded a bank in Brazil for $242 million.

From part of this proceeds, the scammers bought Union Bank and invested heavily in Lagos real estate…. very much as the Igbo guys Tobechi and Ezenwa who defrauded banks in the US for $42 million and invested the money in Lagos….

Amaka Anajemba was prosecuted by Ribadu and sent to Jail….

The day she was released from prison, her community came with drums and music to receive her.

She became an instant hero among her people for being a con artist that pulled the biggest bank heist in Africa.

Much later, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi appointed Amaka Anajemba as Director of Enugu Waste Management Agency.

He literarily gave a convicted fraudster an important political appointment just as Zik had done earlier with Orizu. Nwude.

On why Southern Cameroon refused to be a part of Nigeria…..

Igbos infiltrated their economy and took to vandalism and chaos in the towns and villages.

They showed a display of imperialism and treated the women immorally.

So much the people of the southern Cameroons organized counter resistance against their immorality and corruption.

Three second world war veterans with their leader known as Johnny Walka led militants to attack Igbos at the Kumba market and and at night through vigilante groups.

The Nso people of Southern Cameroon as a group refused Igbos land tenure privileges.

In spite of it all, Igbos remained arrogant and overbearing to their hosts.

These series of events at the time led to the determination of the people of Cameroon to extricate themselves from Nigeria.

After the plebiscite, they forced the Ibos to migrate back to Eastern Nigeria.

An upcoming politician called “Nerius Namaso Mbile” was expelled from the Southern Cameroon and his KUNC party dissolved because he chose to retain links with NCNC after the vote of Southern Cameroons to break away.

It is the same story in Malaysia, Australia, Thailand and China.

A people with no values will do anything for money from drug peddling to robbery and use the proceeds to front legitimate businesses in host communities and then beat their chests as developers of the land… throw lavish parties and disrespect the women of their host …..

At a point, the people will have had enough and then fight back and then you give them fancy names….

Call them Xenophobics and jealous people…. No… you are infiltrating their lands and they are pushed to the wall.

Leave South Africa and leave Yorubaland.

We are tired of your fake drugs, disrespect and constant siding with the enemy to frustrate Yoruba people.

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