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#Just In! Undisclosed Reason Why Qatar Is Unhappy With Nigeria.

Nigeria, often hailed as the giant of Black Africa, commands respect on various fronts, thanks to its abundant wealth, vast natural resources, and considerable economic potential, both tapped and untapped. Its profile merits acknowledgment not only from neighboring nations but also from some of the world’s most powerful entities. However, recent events have stirred questions about the nature of this respect and the delicate balance that international relations demand.

The situation in question revolves around the visit of a Hamas leader to Nigeria, which has caused friction with the United Arab Emirates (UAE). While the complexities of the Middle East and Arab Countries are widely acknowledged, there is a plea to confine such issues within their constituencies. Nations adhering to the principles of freedom, human rights, and liberal thinking, as outlined in the statutes of the United Nations and the African Union, should not be expected to intervene in preventing such liberalization.

The fundamental argument lies in the right of the Hamas leader to visit Nigeria and express their views through public interviews. The notion is that Nigeria cannot stifle the rights of visitors, and the UAE should not anticipate Nigeria to transform into a location for foreign aggravation. However, the crux of the matter is the need for Nigeria to have an experienced Career Diplomat with a deep understanding of international relations, steering clear of the pitfalls that a politically inclined diplomat might encounter.

The critique extends to the apparent lack of intelligence and experience in the decision-making process regarding the Qatar visit, which upset the UAE. The call is for a proactive strategy in foreign affairs, emphasizing that the President should not be subjected to embarrassment, highlighting that it’s not just President Tinubu but the Office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that bears the brunt.

Addressing the broader issue, the appeal is for Nigerians to rally behind their President as patriots. The suggested course of action involves reinforcing the Foreign Affairs team, pointing out observed lapses in international events, and advocating for strategic positioning in group photographs to reflect the country’s status.

A concrete proposal emerges for Nigeria to appoint a Minister of Foreign Affairs promptly, demoting the current Minister to the Minister of State. Additionally, there is a call for the replacement of the SA Foreign Affairs to the President and an investigation into the embarrassment faced by the President, with potential repercussions for those found culpable.

The plea extends to the Minister of Defence, with the recommendation that the role should be filled by a retired Military General to ensure professionalism in the sector. The overarching sentiment is for the President to prioritize professionalism over sentimentality in appointments, aligning with the notion of placing square pegs in square holes to better navigate the intricate landscape of national and international affairs.

Dr. Hameeda MFR
The National Patriots.


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