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#Medical Practitioners Raise Alarm Over Fake Doctor Performing Surgeries in Ogun

Association of Nigeria Private Medical Practitioners (ANPMP) has notified the Ogun State Ministry of Health of the impending prosecution of a fake medical doctor for false identification and unprofessional practice.

Attention of the Commissioner for Health in Ogun State, Dr. Tomi Coker, was on Monday, called to the prosecution of Mr. Afeeze Oladosun, the owner and staff of Goodness Hospital in Ota, Ogun State, in a press statement obtained by  HEADLINE NEW


In the statement signed by Chairman of the Association of Nigerian Private Medical Practitioners (ANPMP), Ogun State, Dr Oyelade Oluwakayode, the auxiliary male nurse, Mr. Oladosun, posing as a medical doctor, has been charged with performing unprofessional surgeries and falsely representing himself as a licensed doctor.

The case came to light when a patient sought treatment at another facility after experiencing a recurrence of a hernia, which had been previously operated on by Mr. Oladosun. Medical professionals at the second facility discovered that the two failed surgeries were performed by Mr. Oladosun, who falsely claimed to be a medical doctor.

Outraged by the deception and malpractice, the patient reported the case to the local police station.

The statement reads in part: “We feel obliged to notify you about the decision of the Nigeria Police, Ogun state command, to prosecute one Mr Afeeze Oladosun, the owner and staff who is running Goodness Hospital in Ota, Ogun state.

“He is an auxiliary male nurse purported to have also trained as community health extension worker(CHEW) and has also been parading himself as a medical doctor, and carrying out functions of a medical doctor. He performed herniorrhaphy on a patient in his facility twice in the last one year unprofessionally.

“At the second recurrence of the hernia, the patient approached another facility where a member of our association was invited to handle the case and where it was discovered that the two previous and failed surgeries were done by Mr Afeeze Oladosun.

“Following the success of the last surgery and having known the truth, the patient reported the case in the nearest police station. Because Mr Afeeze Oladosun claimed to be a medical doctor, our association was informed, both for proper identification, and for settling the matter. However, on getting to the police station we found out that he is neither our member, nor a certified medical doctor,” Oluwakayode said.

The medical association has expressed concerns about the activities of registered alternative medicine practitioners who pose as qualified doctors.

Oluwakayode stated that the lack of proper signage and disclosure of their status as alternative medical practitioners has led to confusion among patients, who are often unaware of the differences between licensed doctors and individuals like Mr. Oladosun.

He said “the Association of Nigerian Private Medical Practitioners (ANPMP), Ogun State chapter, has been actively involved in addressing these issues.

In the letter addressed to Dr. Coker, Dr. Oluwakayode, highlighted the need for differentiation between hospitals manned by qualified medical doctors and those operated by alternative medical practitioners.

Dr. Oluwakayode emphasized that patients should be well-informed and responsible for their decision to seek medical treatment from alternative practitioners.

He said that the police have informed the ANPMP of their decision to charge Mr. Oladosun in court, and the association is seeking the support of the Commissioner of Health to ensure that justice is served.

He added that the prosecution of Mr. Oladosun is seen as an important step in deterring others from engaging in similar fraudulent practices and protecting the reputation of the medical profession.

The ANPMP has also copied the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Oladeinde, the Director of the Hospital Services, Dr. Sokunbi, the Chairman of the Ogun State Nigerian Medical Association, Dr. Kunle Ashimi and the Ogun State Commissioner of Police, urging them to lend their support to this case.


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