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Moscow will try to find remains of crashed US drone – and says US relations have hit ‘lowest point’ 

Russia has said it will try to retrieve the remains of a US military surveillance drone that fell into the Black Sea after an incident involving Russian fighter planes, accusing Washington of “directly participating” in the war in Ukraine.

Yesterday, the US military said that a Russian fighter jet clipped the propeller of one of its spy drones as it flew over the Black Sea in international air space, causing it to crash.

Russia denied being responsible for the crash and said relations with the US had reached their “lowest point”.

Kremlin Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev told the Rossiya-1 TV channel today: “I don’t know whether we will be able to retrieve it or not, but that it has to be done.

“And we’ll certainly work on it. I hope, of course, successfully.

“Secondly, regarding the drone – the Americans keep saying they’re not taking part in military operations. This is the latest confirmation that they are directly participating in these activities – in the war.”


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