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2023: Naja’atu, Tinubu’s Ally-turned-foe Drops More Claims On APC Candidate, Shettima

The presidential bid of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has continued to stir up loads of controversies as Naja’atu Mohammed, his ally turned foe and a former Presidential Campaign Council Director for the Civil Society Organisation of the APC on Thursday gave further reasons why she dumped Tinubu’s campaign council.

Naja’atu who has been in the news in recent days over her statement that Tinubu is not physically fit to lead Nigeria, again dropped a bombshell, saying that the APC presidential candidate does not have any blueprint for the people of Northern notwithstanding his much-criticized Muslim-Muslim ticket.

Naja’atu who spoke on Arise TV on Thursday, monitored by The New Diplomat said Tinubu once told her that he has no blueprint to the security problems that have brought the North to its kneel, spilling southwards under President Muhammadu Buhari’s watch.

She added that Tinubu told her that if he reveal his plans for the North he will be stepping on many toes and would be assassinated.

She said, “I have heard him when we were in ACN, saying that when he sleeps, the Southwest sleeps, and when he wakes up, the Southwest wakes up, that is his mentality. It’s like an Emperor mentality, which is very wrong.

“When he begged me and begged me to go into the campaign Council, I rejected, they know that I don’t want to go into the campaign Council, but they begged me Tinubu it’s still ringing in my ear, in the name of accept this appointment. I said, Sir, I will not accept the appointment until you tell me what you have for us up north.

“He invited me to London, I went to London. I sat with him for two hours, most of the time he was sleeping. I asked him what he had for us up north, because we have extremely serious security problems. He told me that he didn’t have anything. I said, Sir, you mean that you want to be president and you don’t even have a blueprint? He said, he doesn’t have a blueprint. He doesn’t have a blueprint, according to him. Because if I have a blueprint, I’m quoting him now, “then I might be killed, and because I’ll be stepping on too many toes.” I said, Sir, in that position that you are looking for, you don’t think of death, you don’t think of assassination.”

Speaking further, Naja’atu said the vice-presidential candidate of the APC, Kashim Shettima cannot also be trusted because he has been linked with funding terrorism.

She continued, “Nigerians should be focused. We have a very serious problem. Nigeria is at the brink. Especially as it concerns security, you must have an enabling environment in order to do anything.

“So, you cannot take someone that is virtually senile, and another person that has been associated on several occasions with funding terrorism, Kashim Shettima. We should not forget Kabiru Sokoto, who was one of the most wanted terrorists and he was found and arrested in his house. Let us understand and let us not forget this terrorism, this banditry, this carnage is not just happening by mistake, it’s a multi billion dollar industry. A multi billion in dollar industry because it takes a lot of money on defence budget. It has a lot to do with the sale of drugs. It has a lot to do with mining and illegal bunkering; and illegal and illicit mining.

“Look at the areas that are generally affected by this. Take the North East for instance, in the North East you have diamond that is a strategic mineral. You have oil at the chad basin that is being explored right now. But illegally, you have Zamfara. If you go to Zamfara has more gold than Ghana, Zamfara’s gold is being traded in Dubai and other parts of the country. There is a market called Nigerian gold in Dubai. Go and check.

“So, who is doing this mining? Most times the other governors, the people in power, they are the ones doing it in connivance with foreign foreign foreign mercenaries real quick, can you remember? Have we forgotten? When they declared Zamfara as a no fly zone. Why should it be a no fly zone. There isn’t even an airport in Zamfara, but aircrafts land and the takeoff from Zamfara. And let me tell you something else in Zamfara every container that comes from China ends up in there.

“You know why? Because in Zamfara, every soil in Zamfara has all the strategic minerals that you can think of. So when the containers come in from China, they land and a bag of Zamfara soil is today sold at 5000. So they need to displace the people to allow them to continue with their mining. It’s multifaceted.

“And these are people that one has been severally accused of harbouring terrorists, recently, and why let us ask, Why should Shettima be visiting, along with his Governor visiting and making a solidarity with a police officer that was being tried for drug trafficking? Why? So you begin to put these things together, and you begin to understand why Nigerians must retrieve their country. We can’t allow this that to happen,” she added.


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