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#Niger War: We’re Starving At The Border-Nigerian Troops

It is no longer news that president Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has opted to apply military action to compel the military in Niger to return power to the civilian government.

It appears there are some negative impact as a result of the development in Niger.

According to Daily Trust Newspaper, Nigerian soldiers and civilian JTF stationed at Malamfatori, a neighbouring town to Niger, are seriously complaining about acute shortage of food and other essential items.

One of the soldiers while speaking to Daily Trust Newspaper stated that they are starving because Niger are preventing them from getting supply of food “There hasn’t been any food supply to us since the last one we received from Maiduguri over a week ago. Now, Nigeriens soldiers have completely prevented us from crossing to buy food in Bosso.” one of the soldiers told Daily Trust Newspaper.

Speaking further, he said they use to put on plain clothes to get food before the resolution by ECOWAS.

“Before the last ECOWAS meeting, we had an understanding that two soldiers or CJTF would drop their guns, wear mufti and cross to Bosso to buy food items. But now, it is a total shutdown.”he said.

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