I urge all party agents, party faithful’s, supporters and voters to note the following immediately:
1. Officers of INEC during election are:-
* SPO- Supervisory Presiding Officer
* PO- Presiding Officer
* APO 1- Assistant Presiding Officer- He/ She verifies voters and authenticates the voter using BVAS

APO 2: Checks and confirms the voters details in the register, ticks appropriately and apply indelible ink on finger.
Now, as a polling unit agent, you must know and record:
1. The number of voters on register.
2. No of accredited voters in you PU.
3. No of ballot paper issued.
4. No of unused ballot papers.
5. No of spoiled ballot paper.
6. No of rejected ballot papers.
7. No of total voted cast for all parties.
8. Total no of used ballot paper.
Please make sure the number of accredited persons are not more than total votes cast on your unit. It may be less but not more.
Know your Polling Unit ________
If they tell you that there is no network, tell them to click on BVAS configure offline, to enable them continue the work offline.
If election did not hold in your unit, insist they give you form EC40G to fill.
Result sheet FORM is EC8A.
Please SHINE your eyes and use the right forms.

1. The BVAS machine is very fast and accredits (verifies) voters within 10 seconds.
2. BVAS accredits voters EITHER through thumbprint or facial recognition, not both. If one verification method fails, the other will likely work. If both methods fail, then the voter should leave the polling unit. It is likely that s/he did not register in that polling unit.
3. Every APC polling unit agent SHOULD ensure that everyone who comes to the polling unit to vote MUST FIRST BE ACCREDITED by the BVAS machine before they can go and vote.
4. For a successful accreditation, the BVAS machine displays, in green text, “verification successful”.
5. The BVAS machine also counts the number of people it accredits and automatically sums it up at every point.
6. The BVAS machine also stores up the details of EVERYONE it accredits. So if it shows you that it has accredited 100 people, if you tap the point where the 100 is displayed, the BVAS will show you the details of each of the 100 people.
7. When voting closes, the first thing every APC agent should do is to ASK the INEC presiding officer to tap the BVAS so the agent can see, and copy the total number of accredited voters. The agent should WRITE this number down somewhere. GO WITH BIRO AND EXERCISE BOOK OH!
Remember: write the number down either in your phone or exercise book that you will NOT readily throw away.
8. This request in No. 7 above should be made even before sorting of ballot papers begins. Do NOT let sorting of ballot papers begin until you have first seen the total accreditation. Write down the figure.
9. The ballot papers can then be sorted and votes counted. The total number of votes in the polling unit MUST NOT be more than the total accreditation in No. 7 and No. 8 above.
10. Every APC agents and supporters must be extremely watchful throughout the voting process and the result-counting and upload process.
11. Ensure the INEC presiding officer does NOT leave the open space at the polling unit until s/he uploads the result that was counted and written down on the result sheet (Form EC8A) in your presence. Do NOT let them move away from the open space.
12. No excuse under the sun should make you allow the INEC presiding officers leave the polling unit without uploading the result FIRST. No internet? There is provision to work off line if there is no INTERNET. Better still Share your hotspot with them.
Note also that the BVAS does not need internet except at the point of uploading results.
13. How to know the result has been uploaded? It will write in green, “Upload Successful!”
14. After the successful upload of your polling unit result, take your physical copy of the INEC result sheet (Form EC8A) and hand over to your APC collation officer.
15. It is with vigilance that we will win this election.

1. Try to Identify APC Members in your polling unit , create relationship, build a team, you all are our agent.
Your team should immediately start helping the INEC officials (organize the queue/others) that way we indirectly control that polling unit.
2. Ensure the BVAS machine start from 0,0. Your team should immediately create a warming relationship with the security authorities in your polling units.
3. Quietly refresh the memory of our APC Members to look out for APC , everywhere you go, everywhere you go, APC
4. Your team should encourage people not sell their votes as opposition will be there. If possible collect their money and vote APC.
5. Ensure you go early, early so you vote on time and you can be able to help other APC Members in your polling unit.
Every single vote is important.
6. See to it that you and your team deliver your polling unit, take it upon you like your project for better naija even in opposition dominated areas.
7. Ensure obidients use their index finger to vote and they should use the other stain free hand to put the ballot paper in the ballot box to avoid a wasted vote.
8. Your team should wait behind, protect that BVAS machine at all cost and ensure the votes are uploaded immediately once all votes are counted.
9. Watch out for the finger of the INEC official/agents when the votes are being counted.
Ensure there is no ink stain on their finger as it is a tactic use to deliberately stain a casted ballot paper to cancel that vote once it doesn’t go their way.
10. Do not fight, do not quarrel, your team should work smartly, swiftly, and intelligently as we have all it takes to win this election.
Report all malpractices to the security authory your team have created relationship with.
Forward ever backward never.
APC, everywhere you go, Everywhere you go, APC.


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