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#Nigerians React To President Tinubu’s Qatar Trip Controversy.

Nigeria is widely acknowledged as the leading nation in Black Africa. Its wealth, natural resources, and economic potential, both realized and untapped, command respect from nations around the world, including the most powerful ones.
However, it is concerning that the United Arab Emirates would embarrass Nigeria over the visit of a Hamas leader and their appearance on national television.
While the Middle East and Arab countries’ issues are complex and deep-rooted, they should be addressed within their constituencies. Nations that promote freedom, human rights, and liberal thinking, in accordance with the United Nations and African Union statutes that Nigeria is bound by, should not be expected to stifle such freedoms.
The Hamas leader has the right to visit Nigeria and express their views in public interviews. The government cannot silence visitors, and Nigeria should not be turned into a location for foreign conflicts by the UAE.
The real challenge lies in Nigeria’s need for an experienced career diplomat and professional in international relations, rather than a political appointee who may lack the understanding of the nuances and processes of foreign affairs.
The failure to anticipate the UAE’s displeasure over the Qatar visit reflects a lack of intelligence and experience. The strategy should always be proactive, not reactive.
It’s not just President Tinubu who was embarrassed but the Office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Nigerians should support and stand by their President as patriots.
Our advice to the President is to strengthen his foreign affairs team, as there have been numerous lapses since the administration began, visible and unseen. For example, the Nigerian President has been pushed to the back in group photographs at international events, which is unacceptable.
Nigeria, as a secular and neutral nation in terms of religion, should not be embarrassed by any nation over this status. No nation is an island in today’s world order; it’s all about give and take.
Nigeria should appoint a Minister of Foreign Affairs now and make the present Minister of Foreign Affairs the Minister of State. The SA Foreign Affairs to the President should be replaced, and there should be a probe into this embarrassment to prevent such unprofessional lapses in the future.
The Minister of Defence should also be a retired Military General to ensure professionalism in the sector.
Nigerians want the President to prioritize professionalism over sentimentality in appointing individuals to sensitive positions, ensuring the right people are in the right roles.

The articulated concerns regarding President Tinubu’s potential visit to Qatar and the apparent absence of advisory guidance from the Minister for Foreign Affairs underscore the pressing need for a more deliberate and seasoned approach in Nigeria’s diplomatic endeavors. This highlights the imperative for the appointment of a proficient Career Diplomat, emphasizing the significance of professionals well-versed in the intricacies of international relations.

The resolute stance on upholding Nigeria’s secular status and abstaining from involvement in the internal affairs of other nations resonates with the call for a distinct and principled foreign policy. The proposition that nations failing to respect Nigeria’s status should reconsider their presence in the country represents a robust and unwavering position.

In essence, this viewpoint emphasizes the necessity for assertiveness and strategic foresight in shaping Nigeria’s foreign relations, ensuring the preservation of the nation’s dignity and independence on the global stage.

John Effiong, the National Patriots.

Dr Hameeda MFR
The National Patriots.


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