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OPINION: Igbos Are The Problem Of Nigeria, They Are Over Ambitious, Yoruba Christians Are Being Fooled The Way Their Ancestors Were Fooled.

My President, I am not bragging, but I am the unsung True Prophet.
I am sure many on this Platform did not take me seriously. We are all witnessing every detail of the Prophecy.
Sept 2022.

The Igbos are the problem of Nigeria. They are over ambitious.
The Yoruba Christians are being drawn into their latest scheme.

Peter Obi is not a Presidential candidate, he is the personification of the “Biafran project” of the Igbos. He is their latest Saviour and Commander in Chief, who will emancipate them from the Nigerian ” Zoo “. He is an Igbo bigot just like Nzeogwu, Odumegwu Ojukwu, Chukwumerije, Prof Nwabueze, Ralph Uwazuruke, and lately Nnamdi Kanu. They all have the Biafran mindset. ” Either dominate the Zoo, or get out of the Zoo”.

You can see them actively encouraging Sunday Igboho and the Yoruba Diasporans to immitate them, so that they can carry out their folly, using the ignorant Yorubas as their ” bullet proof” !

Yoruba Christians should go into the Archives and exhume a character called Victor Banjo. He was a Yoruba Military colleague of Major Nzeogwu ( the Mastermind of Nigeria’s first Coup de tat). Nzeogwu convinced Banjo and some other Yoruba ” useful idiots” colleagues to join in the Revolution against corrupt Leadership of the First Republic.

Victor Banjo and his brothers went along with a Project they did not quite understand the hidden motive. The Revolution massacred all the Political echelon of the other Regions , except the Igbos !

The Coup plotters then conveniently handed themselves to the Army Commander who happened to be an Igboman – Major General Aguiyi Ironsi !

Major General Aguiyi Ironsi then cancelled the Democratic Constitution of the 4 regions, making Nigeria a Unitary state. The Unitary state was not foisted on Nigeria by the Hausa/ Fulani, but by the Igbos because of their over ambition, which they will use any ruse to justify.

The Counter-Coup by the Northerners was to avenge the killings of their Political Leaders.

But our Yoruba brothers are such unthinking Patriots , who usually defend ” Justice and Equity” that other People define.

Adekunle Fajuyi preferred to die with Aguiyi Ironsi when the boys came for him.

Then the Civil War broke out.

Prof Wole Soyinka as the Advocate of Peace went to Ojukwu to broker peace, which Ojukwu has transformed himself from a Military Governor to a Military Head of State of Biafra. Wole Soyinka was rightly jailed by Gowon upon his return from the East.

Meanwhile, Victor Banjo who found himself in the Eastern jail at the outset of the Civil War, opted out to fight for Biafra against Nigeria.
The short of the story was that Ojukwu mischievously found Victor Banjo guilty of Treason, and had him paraded in front of a Firing Squad to be publicly shot as a deterrence to other saboteurs.

Nigeria has come to where it started. As usual, the Igbos will either get the Presidency or go back on their Biafra.

Now, the ” Yoruba Intellectuals” who know so much about Justice and Equity are going to mess up their brother and back Peter Obi.

They hide under the accusation of the cover of Muslim- Muslim ticket. Ask them, how the series of Muslim- Christian had benefited the Country up till this present time.
The Executive President decides what happens in his Presidency. The Vice President is just a “spare tyre”, a necessary nuisance created by the Constitution, whether he is a Christian or a Muslim.
The excuse is just a Biafran talking point to distract from the issues on the ground.

Another Biafran talking point is that Tinubu is corrupt. Now which Politician is not corrupt worldwide ? Is it Biden, Trump , Clinton , Boris, Putin ? Show me one Saint among the Politicians worldwide. There is none . No not one.
In fact, Politics is a game of the possibilities by professional Gamblers who prey on the Masses’ emotions and fears.

Of all the corrupt past Leaders, it was only Peter Obi’s name that came up in the Pandora File scandal, not even Abacha or Babangida !

My advice to the Yoruba Intellectuals and Yoruba Christians is that you are blindly following a “Biafran Agenda” , that you are not aware of, and that have burnt the fingers of your forbearers. I wish you the best of luck.

“Won ki nsipe inaro fun abuke”. You don’t plead with a hunchback man to stand erect. He cannot ! They are a People cursed to shoot themselves in the legs !


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