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Press Release: Rhodes Family of Lagos Denies Relationship With Rhodes- Vivour, Threaten Legal Action.

Rhodes Family of Lagos

♧There is a need to draw attention to the difference between the two families in Lagos Island.
♧While the original RHODES Family are post slave trade generational LAGOSIANS of Popo Aguda Extraction the RHODES-VIVOUR family are later day migrants from Opobo in Rivers State; there relatable are still there till today.
♧Not that it matters much but it helps to understand the Pan Nigerian inclination of the RHODES-VIVOUR family in Lagos. We accept everyone in Lagos, but we keep our ancestral lineages and inheritances intact for a day like this..
♧Indeed, the real ancestral RHODES family heritage is being fraudulently mixed confused and attributed to Rhodes-Vivour in respect of City Hall Lagos without any attempt by the original RHODES Family to correct the wrong optics…thereby passing-off its own antecedents; just to avoid its political decorations and tribal barbarism.
♧The original RHODES Family will not want to be part of anything that relates to RHODES-VIVOUR’s claim to our own ancestral RHODES Family, and we appeal to those political leaders mixing up RHODES-VIVOUR with RHODES Family to desist from that or else may face legal consequences…
Thanks and God Bless You All….
(Lagos Island, Lagos)


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