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#Publicity or Peril: Zulum Faces Tough Choice in Critical Moment

Our esteemed Governor, Babagana Umara Zulum, my family, and dear friends may not be pleased with what I’m about to share publicly. I sincerely apologize.

Last week, I underwent surgery at Max Multi Speciality Hospital in New Delhi, India. It was categorized as a ‘high-risk’ procedure involving my chest wall and lungs, lasting several hours. Thankfully, it was a very successful operation. Alhamdulillah!

To those who may feel a mix of emotions, happy for the successful surgery but disappointed for being kept in the dark, I express my regrets. If you feel let down, you have every right to be, but please understand that it wasn’t a measure of your importance to me.

I even shielded my children from knowing about the surgery, ensuring they were unaware of what I was going through. Sometimes, protecting loved ones involves sparing them from unnecessary worry and mental anguish.

Yet, keeping people unaware has its downsides. I might miss out on deliberate prayers and well-wishes, and there’s the challenge of dealing with people who engage without knowing the context.

During my hospital stay, I managed office work and attended to personal matters, including financial requests. However, the decision to keep people in the dark had its own challenges.

Despite about 100 tests, including cancer screenings, revealing I had a chronic ulcer and fluid around my chest wall, my decision to keep the surgery secret was rooted in the desire to protect those I care about. The fluid, fortunately, was not linked to any dangerous disease.

This journey began when Governor Zulum, in November 2022, expressed concern about my weight loss and advised an intensive check-up. His thoughtful decision saved me from a potentially serious health issue.

Zulum’s support, including facilitating my medical trip to India, demonstrated his genuine care. I express deep gratitude to him and everyone who stood by me. As I recover, I look forward to regaining strength and challenging Omos, the formidable wrestler, to show him my newfound vigor.

Until then, I wish you all the best in health, faith, and prosperity.

Isa Gusau, Spokesman to Governor Zulum

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