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#Say No to Quota System 63 yrs after independence

Two kids were born on August 31st, 1980, in Kano. Jubril hails from Kano as his state of origin, while Adewale’s parents are from Osun state.

They both attended the same primary school until Primary 6, and then their paths diverged.

Both sat for the Federal Common Entrance examination. Adewale scored 188/200, while Jubril scored 16/200. Due to the Nigerian quota system, they found themselves in the same class at Federal Government College, Zaria.

Adewale consistently ranked 1st-3rd in a class of 35, while Jubril struggled, often placing 30th-35th.

Six years later, they took the WASCE and JAMB. Adewale achieved 6As and 2Cs in WASCE, along with a JAMB score of 286/400. Jubril had 5Cs and 2Ps in WASCE and scored 106/400 in JAMB.

By a twist of fate, they ended up in the same Law Faculty at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

Five years later, Adewale graduated with a 2-1, and Jubril barely managed a Pass.

Adewale, facing unemployment after NYSC, joined a law outfit in Abuja as a junior lawyer.

Five years later, Adewale was still handling low-level cases at Jubril’s court, while Jubril had become a Magistrate at the Federal Magistrate Court Abuja.

The unfairness, inequity, and injustice in this scenario reflect the problems in Nigeria, strongly skewed in favor of a particular ethnic group.

Should we allow this to persist? The labors of our past heroes should not be in vain.

Adewale found success in the UK, becoming a full Professor in less than eight years.

Twenty years later, Adewale’s children are celebrated in their adopted country, while Jubril’s children benefit from the same system that favored him.

This reality is painful. Say no to brain drain, say no to a polarizing system, say no to mediocrity, and reject any system making our children resent their homeland. Say no to the quota system 63 years after independence.

Nigeria deserves to have its best minds working for her. Pass this on to every Nigerian in your contact list.


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