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#TERRORISM: Security Alert, Yoruba Group Calls On IGP To Investigate LP Guber Candidate In Lagos, Chinedu(GRV) Over Link With IPOB- ESN, IPOB INVASION OF LAGOS. (Video)

We are aghast by the trending information linking the Lagos gubernatorial candidate, Mr. Gbadebo Chinedu Rhodes Vivor of the Labour Party to the most dreaded terrorist organization in Nigeria: Eastern Security Network (ESN)/ IPOB, precipitating our clarion call for a thorough background check and watertight investigation by the office of the Inspector general of police, based on preponderance of evidence of some disgruntled elements hiding under igbo agenda to invade and cause catastrophic damage ahead of the March 11th Lagos Gubernatorial and State House of Assembly elections.

Having keenly observed and established the dark corner of the Labour Party gubernatorial candidate in the forthcoming Lagos State gubernatorial election, Mr. Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour whose yoruba claimed identity is in doubt, regrettably as one of the member of the terrorist IPOB group terrorising the eastern part of the country, it is now critically important that we watch out and resist all his evil antics not to triumph, consequently our indifference to this critical issue is highly injurious to our general consciousness on universal security that does no one any good.

Therefore, we must strongly resist all evils by not voting for him in the forthcoming gubernatorial election in Lagos State, no doubt, by that we have moved towards stopping evil to triumph.

It is irrefutable fact, that Chinedu Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour’s political mischief remains a plain diversionary tactics, being intentionally deployed in order to indict, incite and whip up the ethnic sentiment among the peace loving Igbo people of Lagos State and their hospitable and accommodative Yoruba hosts, in which many of these wonderful Igbo people are well respected and highly committed to the continuity of the laudable vision, quintessential
values, democratic principles and uncommon landmark achievements of
Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu led administration in Lagos State, being reputed as the best APC performing, excellent and enigmatic servant, who deserves our genuine love, massive votes and support on the forthcoming 11th March, 2022 guber election, because his good works is a confirmation of his excellent performance. Hence one good term deserves another.

However, it is no secret that Mr. Chinedu (Gbadebo) Rhodes Vivour’s political gimmicks and scheming is ruthlessly routed in his evil plot, extreme desperation and deep rooted hatred for the Yoruba people, and as coupled with the wrong narratives and premeditated aggressiveness by the Biafran led igbo ethnic jingoistic agenda to clandestinely use political weaponry of democratic voting process to discreetly invade and scheme political power as the Labour Party gubernatorial candidate, in the forthcoming election.

Once, again we are not surprised at all that he has been playing the ethnic and religious cards, while using his ill motivated sponsored #Endsars decoy to campaign, purposely in his surreptitious tactics and desperation in deceiving the electorates towards the forthcoming election, and by bearing in our minds that Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour, an Igbo Chief, The Ezi Nwanwa Ndigbo, His mother Mrs. Nkechi Rhodes Vivour and wife Dr. Ifeyinwa Rhodes- Vivour née Aniebo, in assessment intent, actually speaks volume of the groundswell reality on ground.

Sufficient evidents had unmistakably and conveniently portrayed and painted Mr CHINEDU RHODES VIVOUR as an ethnic bigot and jingoist that has been brazenly playing a clannish political card as a Labour Guber candidate in the forthcoming election.

Therefore, it behoves the critical, the discerning, the scrupulous and the fastidious political right thinking people to substantiate and affirm all these loads of allegations.

Hence, his ridiculous clandestine approaches with the attendant indictment of the state Governor, his jaundiced conspiracy theory, his spurious and unfounded allegations could be clearly viewed from the prism of a premeditated attempt to incite public tension, emotions and sympathy of the electorates in voting against our dear party APC candidates in the forthcoming gubernatorial and assembly elections in Lagos State, but thankfully, many of his secrets had been uncovered through many sources linking him to the notorius IPOB terrorist wing of the ESN, that really deserves painstaking interrogation and prosecution by Nigeria Police Force.

Sequence to all these tons of allegations, it behoves people of good conscience to be extraordinarily careful in order not to set our houses in fire.

We must be conscious of dangerous antics of this ethnic jingoist and terrorist running for the exalted position as the Governor of Lagos State in the forthcoming gubernatorial election. Because as they say, prevention is far better than cure.

We therefore, by this crucial facts call on the Inspector General of police to treat our petition with utmost attention and ensure due diligent investigation prosecution very swiftly at a court of competent jurisdiction forthwith.

We have emphatically spoken.


Tunji Balogun,
Director General,
Omoluabi Coalition Group.

That was Nnamdi Kanu’s Anarchy video in Lagos State. If this doesn’t move you to compassion for your Lagos State. I bet nothing else would move you. A vote for Labour Governorship Candidate is a vote for unrest. Lots of people will flee abroad and majority will still be caught in crossfire. GOD forbid🙏🏾.


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