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#Tragedy! Electric Surge Kills Traders As 11kv Cut HT Cable Touches Ground.(VIDEO)

This just happened. An electric surge killed some people. This is a clear case of 11kV cut HT line, not even 33KVA. Ordinarily, the line supposed to trip at the source immediately the cable touches the ground if the earthing is intact and it does its work properly but at times like we see in this case it did not until it trapped and killed some people, people who don’t know how it work were blaming NEPA who don’t know that anything is happening somewhere at that moment. Whereas if the light goes off at times some people who don’t know why the light was off will still abuse them for taking there light when they are enjoying it. Pls let’s keep sensitizing all our members about the danger of building or doing businesses under power line.

Nigeria has witnessed tragic incidents resulting in the loss of innocent lives, an occurrence uncommon in other nations. The Federal Government and its agencies bear an indisputable constitutional responsibility to safeguard citizens through secure provisions, facilities, and services. The recent lamentable event involving an electric surge and the 11KV High Tension Line, leading to the demise of traders beneath power transmission lines, is deeply regrettable and should have been prevented.


Government agencies overseeing the power grid must promptly initiate an investigation into the incident, questioning why the High Tension line transmitted lethal current to individuals not in direct contact but standing on the ground. The absence of proper grounding suggests a technical glitch or maintenance fault, emphasizing the need for a thorough inquiry to prevent such tragedies in the future.


Living and trading beneath power lines must be prohibited, and local councils should provide free, safe markets for petty traders amid the challenging socio-economic conditions. This incident underscores the imperative to prioritize safety, ensuring it does not recur.


In light of this unfortunate event, it is crucial to hold those responsible accountable, serving as a deterrent. The loss of these breadwinners is a poignant reminder of the preciousness of human lives. We earnestly appeal to both Federal and State Governments to urgently address this lapse, recognizing and appreciating the APC’s commitment to humanitarianism and swift responsiveness to the people’s needs.


Dr. Hameeda F.

The National Patriots.


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