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#Tunji Akinosi, Federal Lawmaker’s Unchecked Actions: Urgent Call for Accountability And Integrity

The recent series of unsettling incidents involving Tunji Akinosi, a federal lawmaker from Ogun State, has prompted a critical examination of the behavior exhibited by individuals holding positions of power. A closer analysis of these events reveals a troubling pattern that demands immediate scrutiny and accountability.


The first reported incident near Onikan Stadium in Lagos detailed Akinosi’s alleged involvement in a vehicular accident with a female trader. Witnesses recounted a dismissive response from Akinosi and his driver following the collision, with bystanders advocating for a more compassionate approach toward the injured victim.

Akinosi was reported to have engaged in a confrontation with a witness who recorded the incident, purportedly making threats and attempting to seize her phone. The witness claimed her phone suffered damage, leaving part of the screen obscured by ink during the altercation.



More recently, during the Iganmode Day celebration in Ogun State, another distressing incident involving Akinosi unfolded. A circulated video captured the former Commissioner for Forestry in a heated altercation with a police officer, with Akinosi seen shouting while being restrained by others present at the event, suggesting a physical altercation between the lawmaker and law enforcement.

When collectively examined, these incidents paint a troubling picture of a public official entrusted with serving the public interest. They showcase concerns about accountability, ethical conduct, and the appropriate use of power by those in positions of authority.


The lack of a decisive and responsible reaction following the vehicular accident signifies disregard for the well-being of citizens. Akinosi’s reported response, coupled with alleged threats and attempts to confiscate a witness’s phone, illustrates behavior seemingly disconnected from the responsibilities inherent in public service.


Furthermore, the altercation with a police officer also emphasizes the necessity for elected officials to exhibit restraint, respect for the law, and a commitment to upholding societal norms.


These incidents transcend individual actions; they shine a light on systemic issues that urgently require attention. The apparent absence of consequences for such behavior not only erodes public trust in governance but also establishes a perilous precedent where elected officials operate with impunity.


As a society, there must be a collective demand for accountability and transparency. Strengthening oversight mechanisms and enforcing consequences for misconduct by elected officials are imperative. Ethical conduct and adherence to the rule of law should serve as the bedrock of public service, regardless of one’s position or influence.


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