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UBA, I Do Not Own Account With Your Bank-Lara Wise

Dear United Bank Of Africa (UBA)

First I made a social media post.
Then I walked into your banking hall to lodge a complaint.
Even though the customer care staff I met that day was very rude and thoroughly unprofessional, I told her what the issue was.
I was surprised that she didn’t ask me to fill a form or anything like that. She just asked through clenched teeth for my number and left me standing there like a mannequin. I asked if that was all and she said ”yeaaaar”

The problem still persists !!!!

Someone registered a bank account with my Glo line and heavy money gets deposited everyday.
I do not have any account with your bank.
I do not know this person.
Since you guys can’t deal with this mixup, this is me publicly absolving myself again, of any complicity in business transactions I know nothing about.

For the umpteenth time, I do not own an account with your bank neither do I know who used my phone number to register an account where serous business transactions are contracted.

I hope this suffices as evidence.

Thank you.
Lara Wise


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