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UBA: Security Men On The Run As Angry Customers Attack Facilities

There was pandemonium at the U-Turn Bus stop, Abule Ẹgba branch  of UBA today , Monday 30,2023 as a result of  non availability of cash for customers.

It was observed that despite the CBN extension on swap of old notes to the new redesigned notes, the Oliver Alawuba led UBA couldn’t pay customers with either of the new or old naira Notes.

Angry customers took to vandalizing of the bank properties when there was neither over the counter transaction, no cash from Automatic teller machine even as there was poor network services to ease banking transactions. 

While the hostility lasted,  security personnel on duty took to their heels, pleading that properties should not be destroyed as the bank is making frantic effort to correct the abnormalities.

A bank staff who craved anonymity divulged that virtually all UBA branches in Lagos are in disarray as no banking transaction can be successfully initiated.

Our reporter who witnessed the Abule Egba scene noticed customers  pleading even to access the old note, as they claimed, that their businesses are closed due to non availability of cash to either buy fuel or pay for electricity. 

Mobile police officers  were also seen calming customers not to destroy the ATM machines when attempts were made to destroy the ones on sight.

Some customers claimed they have been in the bank as early as 7am even before the bank opened for customers so that they could  be quickly attended to, but ended up disappointed.

Source: thepagenewsng.com


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