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#UK signs deal to allow British lawyers practise in Nigeria

The United Kingdom and Nigeria are poised to sign a groundbreaking partnership agreement, allowing British legal practitioners to conduct business and provide services within Nigeria. Announced in a press release on Tuesday, this collaboration aims to foster trade, investment, and new opportunities for both nations, extending beyond the financial sector and building upon their existing $7 billion partnership.

The UK’s Department of Business and Trade revealed that the Enhanced Trade and Investment Partnership (ETIP) is set to be signed, marking the first time the UK engages in such an agreement with an African country. Kemi Badenoch, British Business and Trade Secretary, highlighted the potential of this deal, emphasizing the significant opportunities it would create for British businesses in Nigeria, one of the continent’s fastest-growing economies.

Badenoch stated, “This partnership with Nigeria, the UK’s first with an African country, will allow us to work together and seize the opportunities that lie ahead. Nigeria has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. UK businesses have already seen huge success here, and I look forward to seeing how we continue to grow this relationship.”

The agreement is not one-sided, as Nigeria is expected to commit to efforts aimed at reducing barriers preventing UK attorneys from practicing international and foreign law within the West African state. This move is anticipated to substantially enhance the export of UK legal services.


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