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#Ukraine War Latest: ‘Aggressive’ Russian Jet Flies At Polish Plane In Near Miss; Threat Of ‘Severe Nuclear Accident’ At Power Plant

A European Union border guard aircraft was on patrol over the Black Sea when a Russian SU-35 carried out  “aggressive and dangerous manoeuvres”, according to a border guard spokesperson.

The Polish aircraft temporarily lost control after the Russian plane crossed in front of it – just five metres from its nose – leading to turbulence and a loss of altitude, Anna Michalska said.

The Russian jet approached the Polish crew three times before flying away, she added.

Romanian and Spanish combat aircraft were put on standby to intervene, but this did not prove necessary.

The Romanian defence ministry said the behaviour was completely unacceptable and was evidence of Russia’s “provocative” attitude in international airspace over the Black Sea.

“It looks like a planned provocation by Russia,” Polish government spokesman Piotr Muller told Polsat News.

“We can see that Russia is trying to draw international attention.”


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