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#Viewers Upset as DSTV Stops Series Without Completion, Petition Filed Against NBC and NASS

I hope this message finds you well. Happy New Year.

I bring to your attention a matter of concern regarding DSTV’s recent actions, which has left viewers, including myself, puzzled and dissatisfied. Yesterday, I was watching the series “Unfortunate Love” at 7 pm, a show I have faithfully followed for months. To my dismay, the episode concluded abruptly, leaving the star actors hanging on a cliff.

What is even more distressing is that a new episode started immediately at 7 pm without completing the episode scheduled for that day. This abrupt interruption has occurred before with “Her Husband’s Mistress’ Son.” Such actions are not only frustrating but also seem to lack consideration for the audience.

I strongly believe that Nigerians deserve better treatment from DSTV. It is unfair and mean to disrupt viewers’ experience in this manner. I recall that DSTV does not implement such practices in South Africa.

I propose that we initiate a petition to bring this matter to the attention of the National Assembly and the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC). DSTV should be held accountable for their actions, and Nigerians should be treated with the respect they deserve as paying customers.

I kindly seek your support in addressing this issue and ensuring that the necessary steps are taken to prevent such occurrences in the future.

Best regards,

Prof. Tola Ifalokun


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